PEAK is a studio for creative consultancy, strategy and design.


Since 1999

Based in Turin, Berlin & Bali


Hey, thanks for stopping by. My name is Ralf Geutner and I am the founder and owner of PEAK.

Talking, understanding, and persuading are an integral part of my daily work before starting the design process. Okay, these days that might not be so special anymore, but it very well was when I started out in the early 1990s, as I soon came to realize that 90 percent of the briefings I was given were of no use. Most of my clients had no idea what they really wanted to achieve and how they wanted to reach out to the customer. So, I decided to start the conversation by digging a little deeper.

Unsurprisingly, nearly everyone liked our little chats. The meetings usually took place after working hours (by which I mean in bars), so I quickly made friends with many of my clients. That did not happen on purpose, but was a nice bonus. Most of the clients were just perplexed about what you can and should consider before making the first brushstroke in designing a word mark. After a while, beautiful relationships developed, and my clients often asked for other stuff, too. Stuff I did not have in my portfolio. But I always just said “Yup, sure, I can do that.” and learned a lot myself in the process.

PEAK brings many different fields of expertise under one roof to deliver the full package for the common goal. From strategic concepts to corporate design and communication, from spatial design to surprising events for companies ranging from luxury brands to startups and small businesses.

+49 172 3715407 enjoy@peak.com.de